Pastors & Staff

Eddie Caraveo

Head Pastor

Board Chair, believes the Church is to go and make disciples of every man, woman and child. His vision incorporates his belief that for the church to be successful we must  incorporate evangelism  discipleship, and church planting as integral priorities in our ministry strategies and it is the church that has the awesome responsibility of transforming the community into servants and leaders for God, the helpless into the helpful and believers into Christians.

Curtis Bettencourt

Associate Pastor

Board Member, business executive delivering practical strategies to drive productivity, personnel retainment, and process efficiency. Curtis excels in creative problem-solving on complex operational issues. He uses that experience to provide leadership to teams of 50+. His expertise and leadership focus on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth.

William Young

Associate Pastor

Board Member, 15+ years of experience helping underprivileged and disenfranchised youth and adults on a destructive path. He specializes in running multiple recovery homes internationally, from South Africa to California. William uses that experience to stop recidivism, labor, sex trafficking, and drug abuse in his community and create conditions that lead to better health, well-being, and resilience for individuals and communities. In addition, the programs he oversees aim to identify the cultural and social frameworks that put societies on a path toward greater and more equitable prosperity.

Jonathan Koskovich

Associate Pastor

Board Member, business executive specializing in strategies harmonizing processes and people to take companies to the next level in growth and profitability. Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Koskovich Consulting. This business consultancy navigates national churches into new markets and drives the attainment of more robust governance, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. His innovative strategies developed in collaboration with corporate executives have ushered churches into the digital age, accelerated processes, strengthened regulatory compliance, and much more. 

Anthony Ramos

Associate Pastor

Passionate about children ministry, and desire that each child will come to know Jesus in a personal and tangible way. I strive to build relationships with parents teach through the study and application of His word.  

Thalia Caraveo

Executive Director

Board Secretary and a visionary team player with solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects both regionally and locally for the community of Sacramento under Victory Outreach South Sacramento.   Accomplished Executive with demonstrative ability in leadership/communication and ability to deliver mission critical results within this non-profit organization.  Self-motivating and driven in areas of project management and community relations.

Janine Douglas King

Chief Financial Officer

Board Treasurer, provides leadership, direction and management of the finances of the church and recovery homes.  She also owns a video production company and oversees the media department using her talent to spread Jesus‘ Word through digital media outlets.

Porsche Killian

Women's Home Director

Porsche manages our 6-bed women's recovery and rehabilitation home for women struggling with substance use disorders, as well as, labor and sex trafficking victims.   She has work in the behavior and mental health industry since 2008 as a counselor and case manager.  She participates in various initiatives to improve substance use disorder services across our city.  She ensures the safety and security of our residents while providing leadership and assistance to staff and residents in resolving crisis situations. She also worked in the juvenile justice system by providing individual mentorship and support to youth served within our juvenile justice program.  

Anthony Burkett

Men's Home Director

Anthony manages our 13-bed men's recovery and rehabilitation home for men struggling with substance use disorders, as well as, labor and sex trafficking victims. Anthony provides assistance to individuals through the VOSS Support program. He has maintained his sobriety in active recovery for many years, which has allowed him to utilize his experience for his true passion: helping others.  His role at VOSS is to help propel individuals through the program with the use of maintaining stability to achieve both life and recovery goals.