Street Outreach

Our street outreach is where we combat sex trafficking and sexual exploitation that plague our great city.  We guide women from their situation by offering them rescue and recovery in our Victory Outreach Home. Weekly we hit the streets, apartments and local motels with operation Code Red to reach the unreachable to hinder the sex trafficking industry in our community and to bring a guided pathway out of their horrific situation.  Through our weekly and annual Street Outreach events we connect, serve meals, offer a place to rest, and provide backpacks, purses and prayer to the women and children we meet.  Working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement we make a difference. Please help Victory Outreach make a difference make a donation today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Annual Outreach Events

Victory Outreach Home

Victory Outreach Home located in Sacramento California is 100% free sober-living recovery home for individuals subjected to sex trafficking, prostitution, gang affiliation or violence.  The program is 12 months long with 6 months in a transition home to re-enter society. Our intake and transition management system allows us to track our success by monitoring each individual for 18 months.

The program entails the following: